Table 5

 Frequency of the homozygous OCTN-TC haplotype and of the homozygous IGR2078a_1AA genotype stratified by clinical phenotype of Crohn’s disease

SubgroupNo of individuals (n = 412)Frequency of the TC haplotype (%)Significance v controls (p value*; OR (95% CI)Frequency of IGR2078a_1A (%)Significance v controls (p value*; OR (95% CI)
*p values given were significant (p<0.05), also after application of Bonferroni’s correction. †Data were also analysed for isolated fistulising or fibrostenotic disease behaviour but no further significant association was noted.
Disease location
    Ileal and no colonic5010.0NS8.0NS
    Colonic and no ileal6233.90.0008; 2.61 (1.45–4.68)31.70.0032; 2.45 (1.32–4.50)
    Any colonic disease36026.1<0.0001; 1.80 (1.34–2.43)23.90.0016; 1.66 (1.20–2.28)
Disease behaviour
    Any fistulising†22323.8NS21.5NS
    Any fibrostenotic†26224.4NS21.4NS
    Non-fistulising non-fibrostenotic9227.2NS26.1NS
Need for surgery
    Ileocaecal resection14422.9NS21.5NS
    No ileocaecal resection26825.00.0016; 1.70 (1.21–2.37)22.4NS