Table 1

 Epithelial resistance (Re), subepithelial resistance (Rsub,) and total resistance (Rt) in controls and Crohn’s disease (CD) patients

Re (Ω×cm2)Rsub (Ω×cm2)Rt (Ω×cm2)n
Re and Rsub were obtained as described in the methods section.
**p<0.01 for Re and Rsub of pretreatment CD compared with controls; ††p<0.01 for Re before versus after tumour necrosis factor α antibody therapy.
Control42 (3)9 (1)50 (2)8
Active CD
    Before therapy24 (3)**22 (3)**47 (3)9
    After therapy34 (3)††20 (4)53 (5)9