Table 4

 Effects of sociodemographic factors on survival up to one year after hospital admission for liver cirrhosis: odds ratios and their 95% confidence intervals derived through Cox’s proportional hazards survival models, 1968–98

Sociodemographic factorNo of admissionsOdds ratio(95% CI)*
*95% CI, 95% confidence interval; Ref, reference category.
†The prognostic effect of sex is adjusted for age group, that of age group is adjusted for sex, and those for time period and social class are adjusted for age group and sex. For the purposes of satisfying the proportional hazards assumptions of Cox’s model, time dependent covariates for sex and time period are included with, respectively, sex and time period.
‡Analyses for social class cover the period 1968–89 only.
Age group†
    35–4410731.76(1.29, 2.39)
    45–5416582.87(2.15, 3.83)
    55–6422293.62(2.73, 4.79)
    65–7417595.65(4.27, 7.49)
    75+9519.16(6.89, 12.2)
    Women36790.86(0.78, 0.95)
Time period†
    1974–789351.01(0.84, 1.22)
    1979–8315460.89(0.74, 1.06)
    1984–8814320.77(0.64, 0.93)
    1989–9316600.92(0.76, 1.11)
    1994–9821540.90(0.74, 1.09)
Social class† ‡
    I and II6191.00Ref
    III7011.12(0.90, 1.39)
    IV and V4401.13(0.89, 1.43)