Table 6

 Number of deaths and cause specific standardised mortality ratios (SMRs) at one year after hospital admission for non-alcoholic liver cirrhoses as the principal diagnosis and for liver cirrhosis as a secondary or subsidiary diagnosis, 1979–98

Cause of deathICD-9 codeNon-alcoholic liver cirrhoses as the principal diagnosis*Liver cirrhosis as a secondary or subsidiary diagnosis
Chronic hepatitisOther and unspecified liver cirrhosis and disease with no mention of alcohol
No of deathsSMR(95% CI)No of deathsSMR(95% CI)No of deathsSMR(95% CI)
*A further 62 deaths occurred within one year of hospital admission for biliary cirrhosis. The SMR for liver cirrhosis as the certified underlying cause of death was 1049 (based on 42 cases), for all causes except liver cirrhosis the SMR was 3.0 (based on 20 cases), for ischaemic heart disease the SMR was 1.3 (based on 2 cases), for cerebrovascular disease the SMR was 3.3 (based on two cases), for respiratory diseases the SMR was 5.9 (based on four cases), for neoplasms the SMR was 2.1 (based on four cases). There were no deaths from mental disorders, accidents, suicide, infectious diseases, or renal diseases.
†Accidents were determined by coroners’ verdicts of “accidental death”, and suicides by verdicts of “suicide” or “open verdict”.
95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
Liver cirrhosis57134790(543, 1082)1871864(1607, 2141)4281367(1241, 1500)
All causes except liver cirrhosis001–570, 572–999374.5(3.2, 6.1)1636.8(5.8, 7.9)6648.0(7.5, 8.5)
Other digestive diseases520–570, 572–579943.2(19.6, 76.0)2946.2(30.9, 64.5)8344.8(35.6, 54.9)
Infectious diseases001–139262.1(5.9, 178)334.2(6.4, 83.7)1869.0(40.8, 105)
Neoplasms140–239136.1(3.2, 9.9)569.6(7.2, 12.2)17910.6(9.1, 12.2)
Endocrine disorders240–279217.7(1.7, 50.6)1339.2(20.8, 63.3)1616.6(9.5, 25.7)
Mental disorders290–319012.8(0.0, 10.9)87.3(3.1, 13.2)
Diseases of the circulatory system390–45951.5(0.5, 3.0)383.7(2.6, 5.0)2097.0(6.1, 8.0)
Ischaemic heart disease410–41410.6(0.0, 2.3)112.2(1.1, 3.7)846.0(4.7, 7.3)
Cerebrovascular disease430–43833.8(0.7, 9.3)72.9(1.1, 5.4)689.4(7.3, 11.8)
Respiratory diseases460–51933.1(0.6, 7.6)175.6(3.2, 8.5)889.8(7.8, 11.9)
Renal diseases580–629220.8(2.0, 59.5)26.6(0.6, 19.0)910.1(4.6, 17.7)
Accidents†001626.8(15.3, 41.5)
Suicide†00512.0(3.8, 24.9)