Table 1

 Clinical picture at diagnosis of coeliac disease and results of diagnostic procedures for the 56 reviewed patients who subsequently developed malignant lymphomas

No of patients (%) (n = 56)
*An antigliadin antibody test was carried out in only eight patients.
†One case was not treated with a gluten free diet, and for one case information on diet effects was missing
‡A second biopsy to evaluate histological recovery was taken in 20 (36%) cases.
Symptoms and signs at coeliac disease diagnosis
    Diarrhoea40 (71)
    Weight loss28 (50)
    Abdominal discomfort12 (21)
    Malabsorption (iron, folate, cobalamin, xylos, etc)36 (64)
Results of diagnostic tests
    Villous atrophy in duodenal biopsy54 (96)
    High antigliadin antibody titres8 (14)*
    Symptomatic response to gluten free diet45 (80)†
    Histological response to gluten free diet16 (29)‡