Table 2

 Baseline characteristics of 55 cases with coeliac disease and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), including 16 cases of B cell NHL, 37 cases of T cell NHL, and two cases with NHL unspecified

AllNHL B cellT cell
Values are median (range).
Sex (M/F)26/294/1221/16
Age at coeliac disease diagnosis (y)59 (15–75)60 (32–73)59 (15–75)
Age at lymphoma diagnosis (y)64 (21–79)65 (40–79)63 (21–76)
Duration of coeliac symptoms at diagnosis of coeliac disease (y)7 (0.3–70)4 (1–70)8 (0.3–60)
Interval between diagnosis of coeliac disease and lymphoma (y)3 (0–22)3 (0.1–22)3 (0–15)
No of non-intestinal/intestinal cases25/3011/514/23