Table 3

 Indications for referral of adults to an intestinal transplantation centre

(1) Complications of parenteral nutrition:
• Substantial venous occlusion with residual availability of:
‐ 2 or less major neck venous access sites with loss of one or more femoral sites or
‐ 1 or less major neck venous access site with both femoral sites available.
• Line related infection (events occurring despite review at an intestinal failure centre):
‐ recurrent episodes of severe line related sepsis requiring more than two line replacements in a year or
‐ recurrent fungal line related infections
• Parenteral nutrition related liver disease
‐ Impending or overt liver failure as indicated by portal hypertension, hepatic cirrhosis, or bridging fibrosis
(2) Requirement for extensive evisceration
• Desmoid tumours
‐ (malignant disease in very select circumstances, usually neuroendocrine or cholangiocarcinoma) (modified from Buchman and colleagues27)