Table 4

 Expression of the monocyte chemoattractant protein 1

GroupMuscle (human MCP-1) (pg/g)Muscle (rat MCP-1) (pg/g)Plasma(human MCP-1) (pg/ml)
We assessed protein expression levels of mMCP-1 three days after gene transfer in plasma and muscle of rats using an MCP-1 ELISA kit.
Values are means (SEM) (n = 5∼6).
Significant difference: **p<0.01, mMCP-1 treated group versus the empty plasmid treated group.
Empty plasmid (day 3)<31.2411.1 (22.3)<31.2
mMCP-1 (day 3)4480.8 (591.3)**337.9 (32.3)<31.2