Table 1

 Selected genes differentially expressed in LPL and IEL from VILLIN-HA×TCR-HA and TCR-HA mice

NameRegulationSignal intensityCluster in fig 9
LPL stgLPL dtgIEL stgIEL dtg
Stg, T cell receptor (TCR)-HA; dtg, VILLIN-HA×TCR-HA; LPL, lamina propria lymphocytes; IEL, intraepithelial lymphocytes.
*Absent, defined by the Affymetrix software algorithm.
Genes in italics represent established markers of regulatory T cells.
Results are from pooled individual mice (n>3).
LPL and IEL proinflammatory
    S100a6 158162771478A
    Snx9 159*35782*483A
    Tnfrsf7 67313774361114A
    CD83 8781225237992A
    Tnfrsf9 17442333*197A
LPL proinflammatory
    Itgb7 1273235642763097C
    Itga4 962744276C
IEL proinflammatory
    CD7 76*58*2161945E
    BCL2L13 258242197441E
    STAT3 203318071841107E
LPL and IEL anti-inflammatory
    CST7 704687251197A
    Areg 27448871530A
    Nrp-1 25*8769*269A
    IL-10 288745144713A
LPL anti-inflammatory
    Tnfrsf18/GITR 23847324669772C
IEL anti-inflammatory
    ANXA1 28*24*69*233E
LPL and/or IEL pro-/anti-inflammatory
    PD1 349144687*247A
    KLRG1 1943807778C
    Lag3 69*36*45*388E
    Tnfrsf4/OX40 138658043981494A