Table 2

 Clinical details of patients on commencement of therapy

Synbiotic (8 starting patients)Placebo (8 starting patients)
Values are mean (range) or number.
*Disease extent unknown for one placebo patient.
†Ulcerative colitis related drugs only.
CRP, C reactive protein.
Age (y)45 (24–66)38 (26–59)
Sex (M:F)3:55:3
Duration of disease (y)10 (1–23)7 (1–15)
Disease extent*
    Left sided43
Current drugs†
Initial clinical activity index5.6 (2–13)4.7 (1–8)
Initial sigmoidoscopy score4.4 (2.5–6.0)2.9 (0–6)
Initial CRP (mg/l)6.0 (0–16)5.5 (0–17)