Table 4

 Increased stool water content in FABP-rtTA × TRE2IL-8 mice after DOX treatment*

Source of stoolStool water content (% H2O; mean (SD))
Control miceFABP-rtTA × TRE2IL-8 mice
*Three days after initiating DOX treatment, stool samples were recovered from the caecum or distal colon of control and FABP-rtTA × TRE2IL-8 mice (n = 4 for both groups) for determination of wet and dry stool weight. The mean stool water content was calculated for the two groups of mice and compared by Student’s t test.
†The p value for the difference in water content between the caecal samples was 0.012. Significant increases in the cecal stool water content were observed in two additional experiments with groups of 4–6 mice.
‡For the distal colon samples, the p value was 0.001.
Caecum80.6 (1.5)84.7 (1.7)†
Distal colon60.1 (0.8)69.9 (2.5)‡