Table 5

 Case control studies of 5-aminosalicylate (5-ASA) therapy and risk of colorectal cancer in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

ReferencePlaceCancer casesAdjusted OR (95% CI) for risk of cancerComments
*Only 14 cancer cases, remainder dysplasia or adenomas.
†Univariate analyses only.
SASP, sulfasalazine; CRC, colorectal cancer.
OR (95% CI), odds ratio (95% confidence interval).
Pinczowski 19947Uppsala, Sweden1020.38 (0.20–0.69)Only possible to dichotomise SASP use into < or >3 month use
Eaden 20006England and Wales1020.25 (0.13–0.48)Controls all attenders at one clinic
Bernstein 200312Manitoba251.46 (0.58–3.73)5-ASA use within 2 y of CRC
Rutter 200413London68*1.58 (0.71–3.51)†SASP use for >10 y
0.65 (0.26–1.62)†Other 5-ASA use for >10 y
Terdiman 200525US3640.72 (0.50–1.05)>5 prescriptions of 5-ASA v none in the year preceding CRC
Velayos 200526Mayo, US1880.60 (0.30–1.21)>10 y 5-ASA therapy v <1 y at time of CRC diagnosis
This study 2005England and Wales1000.60 (0.38–0.96)Regular v irregular 5-ASA use in 1 y preceding CRC