Table 1

 Clinical characteristics of the study population

Patient NoAge (y)SexDisease (months)Suspected or known diagnosisFinal diagnosisDisease extent (UC)
UC, ulcerative colitis; CD, Crohn’s disease.
*Macroscopically normal mucosa, histologically typical picture of healed granular mucosa in chronic UC.
†CD was diagnosed according to the Vienna classification.10
230M0UCLymphocytic colitis
354M48UCUCLeft sided
543F260UCUCLeft sided
625M0UCInfectious colitis
763F54UCUCLeft sided
959M74UCUC*Left sided
1078F12UCUCLeft sided
1121F1CD†CDA1 L3 B2
1239M250CDCDA1 L3 B3
1337M174CDCDA1 L1 B3
1433M32CDCDA1 L4 B2
1555F18CDCDA2 L1 B3
1635F1CDCDA1 L2 B2
1728F66CDCDA1 L2 B2
1819F26CDCDA1 L3 B1
1947M110CDCDA1 L3 B2
2019M28CDCDA1 L4 B1
2131F242CDCDA1 L3 B3
2237F54CDCDA1 L3 B3