Table 2

 Relief of overall IBS symptoms and abdominal discomfort/pain: 50% rule

First treatmentRepeated treatment*
Tegaserod (n = 2135)Placebo (n = 525)Tegaserod (n = 488)Placebo (n = 495)
*Includes only first treatment tegaserod patients who received repeated treatment.
NNT, numbers needed to treat.17
Overall IBS symptoms, responder rate50.5%39.8%60.5%42.8%
Treatment difference (95% CI)10.6% (6.0–15.1)17.0% (11.2–22.7)
p Value<0.0001<0.0001
Abdominal discomfort/pain, responder rate47.8%38.7%58.8%38.8%
Treatment difference (95% CI)9.0% (4.5–13.5)19.9% (14.2–25.7)
p Value0.0002<0.0001