Table 2

 Three year relative survival (%) and percentage of cases by Dukes’ stage, number of lymph nodes examined, and surgical resection, by registry: EUROCARE and SEER data, colorectal cancer patients diagnosed 1990–91

Registry (No of cases)3 year relative survival (%)Dukes’ stage*Unstaged cases: resected?12 or more nodes examined†Resected
*A, localised within bowel wall; B, penetrates the bowel wall; C, spread to the regional lymph nodes; D, distant metastases.
†For resected patients only.
USA (11 191)6924302318232892
Europe (2492)5714342121371385
    ItalyVarese (445)5619311727242182
Modena (306)679392417371188
    FranceCalvados (262)6310352024482385
Somme (228)5814291921611484
Côte d’Or (237)6021362514132093
    NetherlandsRotterdam (202)571939201506286
Eindhoven (256)621540192132492
    SpainGranada (173)5173423194133177
    UKMersey (207)5211292323591582
Thames (176)4412302423291080