Table 4

 Three year relative survival (%) and relative excess risks (RER) of death* within three years of diagnosis (with 95% confidence intervals (CI)), by Dukes’ stage, surgical resection, and number of examined nodes: EUROCARE and SEER data on colorectal cancer patients diagnosed 1990–91

Dukes’ stage and surgical resectionNo of nodes examinedUSA (SEER)Europe (EUROCARE)Relative excess risk of death
Patients3 y survival (%)95% CIPatients3 y survival (%)95% CIRER95% CI
*RERs derived from regression model 3 (table 3) and adjusted for registry, sex, age, and subsite (see text).
All patients11 1916967.6–69.724925754.3–60.1
    Dukes’ A26029492.2–95.53539388.2–97.31
    Dukes’ B12 or more11429491.2–96.31289182.2––1.76
    Dukes’ C12 or more10017066.1–72.8996654.4–75.75.824.40–7.69
    Dukes’ D14841613.9–17.93341612.0–20.330.3823.51–39.27