Table 3

 Univariate analysis of the hazard ratios (HR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) associated with the patient characteristics in the two groups

HR95% CILRT p value
CD, Crohn’s disease; CDAI, Crohn’s disease activity index; LRT, likelihood ratio test; UC, ulcerative colitis; UCAI, ulcerative colitis activity index.
CD patients
    Calprotectin (μg/g)0.068
    Age at onset (y)1.00[0.96–1.05]0.995
    Previous quiescent phase (months)0.92[0.81–1.06]0.228
UC patients
    Calprotectin (μg/g)0.000
        Left sided colitis0.63[0.15–2.64]
    Age at onset (y)0.99[0.95–1.02]0.464
    Previous quiescent phase (months)0.96[0.85–1.08]0.464