Table 2

 Serum antibodies to carbonic anhydrase IV by ELISA

DiseasenN/C-CA IV positive (%)CA IV peptide 4 positive (%)
AIP, autoimmune pancreatitis; ACP, alcoholic chronic pancreatitis; N/C-CA IV, truncated CA IV lacking both N terminal signal and C terminal glycosyl phosphatidylinositol anchored sequences; CA IV peptide 4, NH2-LGS LTT PTC DEK VVW TVF REP I-COOH (amino acid number 221–242).
*p<0.01, **p<0.02 ***p<0.001 compared with normal controls.
AIP (definite)154 (26.7)*6 (40.0)***
AIP (probable)146 (42.9)***3 (21.4)**
ACP152 (13.3)2 (13.3)
Pancreatic cancer142 (14.3)1 (7.1)
Sjögren’s syndrome209 (45.0)***8 (40.0)***
Normal controls2600