Table 1

 Characteristics of four patients with markedly symptomatic bile salt malabsorption resistant to antidiarrhoeal agents and intolerant of cholestyramine given colesevelam

Age (y)SexReason for bile salt malabsorptionOutcome with cholestyramineOutcome with colesevelamDuration of colesevelam treatment (months)Current dose of colesevelam
37MIdiopathicDiarrhoea improved but not tolerated because it induced severe dyspepsiaDiarrhoea resolved, no side effects73.75 g/day
59FRight hemicolectomyDiarrhoea improved but not tolerated due to unpalatabilityDiarrhoea resolved, no side effects33.75 g/day
68FRadiation enteritis and right hemicolectomyDiarrhoea improved although suffered intractable vomitingDiarrhoea resolved, no side effects22.5 g/day
40FRadiation enteritisDiarrhoea improved although suffered intractable nauseaDiarrhoea resolved, no side effects21.25 g/day