Table 4

 Results of the sensitivity analysis on HNPCC mutation carriers detected and on incremental costs per life year gained

% Carriers in new strategy*Incremental costs/life year gained (€)
VariableBase caseRangeLowHighLowHigh
*The variables had no effect on the outcomes of the current strategy, therefore only the outcomes of the new strategy are presented.
†Based on data from the Comprehensive Cancer Centre East, whereas the range was based on expert opinions.
‡Empirical data varied between16–63%, whereas the data from literature varied between 23–78%.
¶The result of a meta-analysis and the range was based on the lowest and highest value found in literature.
§The base case and the range were both expert opinions.
NE, no effect found.
Probability of complying with selection criteria0.130.10–0.20†3.44.921302103
Probability mutation is positive given MSI-H0.500.16–0.63‡2.14.161961831
Specificity of the Amsterdam criteria0.600.46–0.68¶3.93.9NENE
Specificity of MSI analysis0.790.59–0.91¶3.93.9NENE
Specificity of DNA analysis0.900.9–0.95§3.93.9NENE
Discount rate costs0.040–0.06NENE21452106
Discount rate effect0.040–0.06NENE20382157