Table 1

 Incidence and relative risk of oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma during 1987–2001, by initial histological diagnosis

1987 diagnosisNo of subjectsNo of OSCC casesCumulative OSCC incidence (%)OSCC incidence rate*Relative risk (95% CI) of OSCC incidence†
BCH, basal cell hyperplasia; mD, mild dysplasia; MD, moderate dysplasia; SD, severe dysplasia; NOS, dysplasia not otherwise specified; CIS, carcinoma in situ; OSCC, oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
*Oesophageal cancer incidence rates (per 100 000 person years) adjusted to the age distribution of the analytic cohort at baseline (<50 years = 22.4%; 50–59 years = 46.0%; ⩾60 years = 31.5%).
†Relative risk (95% confidence interval (CI)) for OSCC adjusted for age, sex, tobacco use, alcohol use, 1983 cytology diagnosis, and treatment group.
Normal375318.36051.0 (ref)
Acanthosis7767.85970.9 (0.4–2.2)
BCH40615.016371.9 (0.8–4.5)
Oesophagitis3326.14930.8 (0.2–3.2)
mD761823.715182.9 (1.6–5.2)
MD301550.0105079.8 (5.3–18.3)
SD231773.92136428.3 (15.3–52.3)
NOS12758.3768912.7 (5.5–29.6)
CIS161275.02119434.4 (16.6–71.4)