Table 2

 Clinical features of mutation positive and negative families

Mutation positiveMutation negativep Value*
CRC, colorectal cancer; NS, not significant.
*Mann-Whitney U test/χ2 test.
†Tested with and without endometrial cancer.
‡Mean (median).
§Compared with number of CRC.
Patients (with tumours and colorectal adenomas)10671
Patients with tumours only
    Index CRC2116
    Non-index CRC7435
Sex (all patients with tumours and CRC adenoma)
Sex tumour patients only
CRC patients
Non-CRC patients
Age of onset
    Index CRC37.6 (39)‡49.7 (45)0.0024
    All CRC43.5 (41)54.8 (55)<0.001
    All tumours45.5 (43)54.8 (56)0.022
    Family age42.2 (42)54.1 (54·5)<0.001
    Small bowel70
Localisation index CRC
    Splenic flexure
    Splenic flexure
Syn-/metachronic (patients)
    Extracolorectal tumours170<0.001
    Colorectal adenomas69(0.084)
Colorectal adenoma