Table 2

 Odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) for prevalent squamous dysplasia in the Cytology Sampling Study 2 cohort calculated in the multivariate model*

VariableOR95% CIp Value†
*All of the ORs were calculated using the same multivariate model stratified on village of residence.
†p Values were from the likelihood ratio test for the addition of the listed variable to a model containing all other variables. All p values were from one degree of freedom (df) tests except tooth loss quintile (4 df).
‡Household income and persons in household variables were strongly correlated (r2 = 0.53). If the model is refit using a ratio variable representing a 100 Yuan increase (approximately 1 SD) in per capita household income, then the OR (95% CI) is 0.84 (0.69, 1.03), p = 0.080, with very little change in the OR estimates for the other variables.
Age, 10 years1.030.99, 1.060.18
Sex, male0.980.61, 1.580.94
Smoker, ever1.350.80, 2.260.26
Flushing, yes1.440.87, 2.360.16
Persons in household, per 1 additional member‡1.120.99, 1.250.061
Household income, per 100 RMB increase‡0.960.91, 1.000.055
Family history of cancer, yes1.571.13, 2.180.0065
Systolic blood pressure, per 10 mm Hg increase1.111.03, 1.190.0055
Heating stove without chimney, yes2.221.27, 3.860.0052
Tooth loss quintiles
    Teeth quintile 1, <4 teeth lost1.0Referent0.047
    Teeth quintile 2, 4–6 teeth lost1.340.79, 2.23
    Teeth quintile 3, 7–11 teeth lost1.360.79, 2.26
    Teeth quintile 4, 12–31 teeth lost1.911.17, 3.15
    Teeth quintile 5, edentulous0.960.53, 1.67