Table 2

 Incidence rates and severity of hepatitis reactivation

Hepatitis reactivationHCV 1b (n = 106)HCV 2c (n = 100)All patients (n = 206)
a versus b, p <0.001.
c versus d, p = 0.001.
e versus f, g versus h, and i versus l, NS.
ALT, alanine aminotransferase; HCV, hepatitis C virus.
Rate×1000 person years15.0c55.6d34.9
No of ALT flares×patient1–3e (median 1)1–4f (median 1)1–4 (median 1)
Severity (IU/l)201–754g (median 458)217–2200h (median 460)201–2200 (median 460)
Duration (months)6–24i (median 6)6–90l (median 12)6–90 (median 6)