Table 1

 Characteristics of the subject sample and disease activity and disease extent

All subjects (n = 66)Returning subjects (n = 56)
Values are mean (SD) or percentage.
5-ASA, 5-aminosalicylic acid; UCDAI, ulcerative colitis disease activity index; SCCAI, simple clinical colitis activity index; IBDQ, inflammatory bowel disease quality of life index.
    Age (y)40.5 (15.2)40.8 (15.4)
    Oral 5-ASA use77.3%76.8%
    Rectal therapy use21.2%23.2%
    Steroid use25.7%25.0%
    Thiopurine use21.2%19.6%
Activity index or extent
    St Mark’s index5.28 (4.23)5.36 (4.11)
    UCDAI4.64 (3.94)4.64 (3.97)
    SCCAI4.00 (3.84)3.96 (3.86)
    Seo index141.07 (52.42)142.07 (52.11)
    IBDQ179.21 (48.00)181.52 (47.28)
    % Proctitis13.6%14.3%
    % Left Sided36.4%33.9%
    % Pancolitis50.0%51.7%