Table 1

 Reductions in regional brain activation during stress and rectal pain with amitriptyline

Brain regionBAx,y,zCluster (voxel#)Max T valuep Value cluster (set)% of ROI reduced
BA, Brodman area; x,y,z, Talairach coordinates; Cluster, cluster size is number of voxels per cluster; T value, local maximum within the cluster (amitriptyline v placebo); p value, indicated for the individual cluster, (set) p value for the region of interest considering all clusters in the region, including those with individual p values >0.05. All clusters with p values ⩽0.1 are displayed; ROI, region of interest; ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; R, right; L, left.
Perigenual ACC246, 46, 8623.340.05 (0.007)4.5
L post parietal4038, −36, 501523.850.01 (0.07)4.5
46, −58, 442083.570.003
ACC cognitive24*−4, 4, 34693.580.08 (0.3)2.4
R post parietal40−32, −54, 421153.520.06 (0.16)1.5
L hippocampus20, −56, 4283.070.1 (0.054)1.7