Table 2

 Selection of patients for validation of the Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score

HospitalNo of PatientsInclusion criteria
All patients had a serum bilirubin level ⩾80 μmol/l, a history of recent alcohol excess, and an aspartate aminotransferase level of <500 IU/l.
GI, gastrointestinal; mDF, modified discriminant function; RCT, randomised controlled trial.
Glasgow15GI bleeders excluded
Birmingham24GI bleeders excluded
Newcastle31Part of an RCT comparing antioxidants with placebo; mDF ⩾32
London46Part of an RCT comparing antioxidants with corticosteroids. mDF ⩾32, serum bilirubin >100 μmol/l, serum creatinine <500 μmol/l. No active sepsis or GI bleeding for 48 hours
North Staffordshire28GI bleeders excluded
Dudley/Sandwell37Patients with recent GI bleeding included
Edinburgh14GI bleeders excluded