Table 2

 Results of logistic regression analysis presenting identified risk factors of fulminant hepatic failure and mortality (including liver transplantation) in order of statistical significance in 746 transferred patients

Risk factorOdds ratiop Value
Odds ratios are given with 95% confidence interval.
Fulminant hepatic failure
    Time to N-acetylcysteine1.36 (1.23–1.50) per 12 h<0.00001
    Regular alcohol abuse2.92 (1.88–4.53)<0.00001
    Age ⩾40 years2.33 (1.50–3.64)0.0002
    Acute alcohol ingestion0.39 (0.20–0.74)0.004
    Benzodiazepine co-overdose1.75 (1.05–2.93)0.03
    Regular alcohol abuse3.72 (2.07–6.67)0.00001
    Age ⩾40 years4.18 (2.17–8.05)0.00002
    Time to N-acetylcysteine1.25 (1.11–1.40) per 12 h0.0001
    Acute alcohol ingestion0.13 (0.04–0.46)0.001
    Acetylsalicylic acid co-overdose3.78 (1.25–11.5)0.02
    Female sex1.95 (1.07–3.56)0.03