Table 3

 Results of follow up and pathology found

OutcomePersonal history of adenomatous polyps or cancerSignificant family history of colorectal cancerTotal
FOBT, faecal occult blood test.
*Includes all patients with either cancer or polyps (including hyperplastic), with or without other non-neoplastic pathologies.
†Includes patients where the only pathology was non-neoplastic (that is, diverticulosis, colitis, haemorrhoids, etc).
‡Includes two intramucosal carcinomas; T is lesions according to the WHO classification.17
§Includes adenomas with any of the following characteristics: ⩾10 mm, with villous change, high grade dysplasia, or multiple (⩾3).
¶Includes all adenomas excluding advanced or hyperplastic.
FOBT positive51657
Colonoscopy completed46551
Cancer or polyps detected*25328
Other pathology detected†11111
Pathology reports available25328
    Adenoma advanced§516
    Adenoma not advanced¶11213
    Hyperplastic polyp303