Table 3

 Association between antibodies to carbonic anhydrase II (CA-II Ab), IgG4, clinical, morphological, and biochemical parameters in patients with idiopathic chronic pancreatitis

Increased CA-II Ab% (n = 15)Increased IgG4% (n = 8)
Results are expressed as percentage of cases with increased CA-II Ab or IgG4 levels.
The significant association determined by Fisher’s exact test is indicated as *p<0.05, **p<0.01.
Age59 (15–83)59 (26–78)
Sex (F/M)7/82/6
Absence of acute attacks of pancreatitis8087.5
Associated autoimmune disorders60*87.5**
Pancreatic mass46.762.5
Absence of calcifications73.3100**
Absence of pseudocysts93.3100
Irregular narrowing of pancreatic duct5087.5**
IgG (>1200 mg/dl)66.7*100**
Antinuclear antibodies2025