Table 1

 Summary of the findings in our patients

Patient No: age (y)/sexDebut age/CIIP diagn age (y)Main symptomsClinical diagnosisEndoscopic pathologyHistopathologyAntroduodenal manometry
CIIP, Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudoobstruction; GORD, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.
1 23/F16/22Pain, bloody diarrhoeaCrohn’s disease, CIIPSmall and large bowelDegenerative neuropathy. Suspected Crohn’s disease
2 26/F15/25Pain, vomitingProctitis, CIIPRectumDegenerative neuropathyAbnormal
3 35/FTeenage/29Constipation, dyspepsiaCrohn’s disease, CIIPSmall and large bowelGanglionitis
4 44/F35/39Constipation, painSuspected Crohn’s disease, CIIPSmall bowelNormalAbnormal
5 55/M39/41GORD, later pain and diarrhoeaSuspected Crohn’s disease, CIIPNormalSuspected Crohn’s diseaseAbnormal
6 67/M61/64Pain, weight lossCrohn’s disease, CIIPLarge bowelGanglionitis. Crohn’s disease