Table 1

 Detection of anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies (ASCA) in different time frames before diagnosis in 32 Crohn’s disease patients compared with controls

Time before diagnosisCasesControlsMatched ORp ValueEstimated matched OR* (95% CI)
nPositive%nPositive(95% CI)
*The estimated matched odds ratio (OR) was calculated by designating one control in each group as being ASCA positive. 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
†Six of the 32 patients had two available serum samples before diagnosis and are therefore represented twice in the different time frames.
>60 months13215.4390∞ (0.563-∞)0.0146.00 (0.54-66.17)
37–60 months6116.7180∞ (0.08-∞)0.0833.00 (0.19-47.96)
1–36 months19736.8560∞ (4.10-∞)<0.00121.00 (2.58-170.69)
All subjects before diagnosis32†1031.3950∞ (6.73-∞)<0.00130.00 (4.27-1301.93)
After diagnosis11654.5220∞ (2.63-∞)0.00112.00 (1.44-99.68)