Table 1

 Patient characteristics at entry into the study for the phosphatidylcholine (PC) and placebo groups

Treatment groupPC group (n = 30)Placebo group (n = 30)p Value
IQR, interquartile range; CAI, clinical activity index; EAI, endoscopic activity index; LQI, life quality index.
*Fisher’s exact test; †Mann-Whitney U test; ‡p value is given for differences between rates of patients with pancolitis versus patients with partial colitis.
Age (median (IQR))35.5 (24–58)36.5 (28–46)0.773†
    To right flexure21
    To transversum41
    To left flexure82
    To sigma29
    To rectum11
CAI (median (IQR))10 (7–12)7 (5–9)0.0071†
EAI (median (IQR))7 (6–8)6.5 (6–8)0.725†
Histology score0.483*
    No/mild inactive25
    Mild/moderate active1511
    Severe active87
    Not determined57
LQI (median (IQR))3.0 (2.3–3.5)3.3 (2.8–3.8)0.170†
    Not determined10