Table 2

 Factors in relation to achievement of complete tumour necrosis following radiofrequency thermal ablation (RFTA), percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI), and percutaneous acetic acid injection (PAI)

Values are mean (SD) [range].
ap<0.01; bp<0.01; cp<0.01; dp<0.01; ep<0.01; fp<0.01; gp<0.01; hp<0.01; other comparisons were not significant.
No of patients605558
No of tumours756773
Treatment courses (1/2)62/1355/1259/14
Treatment sessions per tumour1.3 (0.3) [1–2]a b4.9 (1.3) [2–12]a c2.5 (0.9) [2–8]b c
Volume per session (ml)4.8 (1.4) [2–10.4]d2.2 (1.1) [1–3.5]d
Total volume injected per tumour (ml)13.6 (4.7)e [4.3–52.2]5.3 (2.7)e [1.9–15.8]
Hospital stay (days) after starting local therapies4.2 (1.9) [3–18]f g1.7 (0.4) [2–3]f h2.2 (0.6) [2–5]g h
Follow up (months)28 (11) [4–44]27 (12) [6–42]27 (12) [6–41]