Table 2

 Summary of CCR5 results

CCR5WT/WT (%)CCR5Δ32/WT (%)CCR5Δ32/Δ32p Value
Impact of the CCR5Δ32 mutation on hepatitis C virus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) status, histological activity index (HAI) scores for the entire group, and also for the subgroups of DRB1*03011 positive and negative individuals.
The p value for the affect of PCR status was given by χ2, and for HAI scores as per the Mann-Whitney U test.
HCV PCR +ve167 (71.7%)29 (58%)00.044
HCV PCR − ve66 (28.3%)21 (42%)1
DRB1*03011 −ve inflam (n = 81)4.913.530.043
DRB1*03011 +ve inflam (n = 55)4.163.800.78