Table 4

 Pancreatic exocrine function in chronic pancreatitis

Enzyme output in per cent of normal in response to various stimuli in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Data are partly derived from figures and therefore rounded.
CCK, cholecystokinin; EAA, essential amino acids; S, secretin; C, cerulean; P, pankreozymin; HCO3-, bicarbonate; PL, phospholipase; El, elastase; CT, chymotrypsin
*Mild/moderate/advanced chronic pancreatitis.
†Of lower limit of normal.
‡Mild/advanced exocrine insufficiency.
Brugge et al, 1985108CCK10%
Conwell et al, 2002106CCK50%/23%/13%*
Conwell et al, 2003114CCK25%
DiMagno et al, 1973105EAA20%15%
DiMagno et al, 1973105CCK10%10%
DiMagno et al, 197712Mixed meal<1%<1%
Funakoshi et al, 1990109Mixed meal (intra-jejunally)2%30% (HCO3-)
Hoeden et al, 1976110S+C10%65% (HCO3-)
Ihse et al, 197797Lundh meal35%20%30% (PL)
Karlsborg et al, 1997116Lundh meal25%†30%†
Layer et al, 1997104S+C2%† (enzyme not specified)
Makela et al, 1998111S30%25% (PL)
40% (HCO3-)
Mizuno et al, 1985107S+P60%/15%‡60%/10%‡60%/15%‡40%/5%‡ (El)
60%/10%‡ (CT)
Rogos et al, 1987112EAA50%35%45%
Rogos et al, 1987112S+CCK50%35%55%