Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of colorectal cancer cases and their matched referents, and tumour characteristics of cases

CasesReferentsp Value*
NoMedian or %NoMedian or %
*Mann-Whitney or χ2 test.
†Median (25th–75th percentile).
‡Dukes’ stage could not be determined for three cases with only biopsy tissue available.
Sex (M/F) (%)94/13241.6/58.4184/25342.1/57.90.899
Age (y)†22659.8 (50.3–60.2)43759.7 (50.2–60.2)0.661
Follow up time (y)†2264.2 (2.4–6.7)
Body mass index (kg/m2)†18226.1 (23.5–29.0)35025.9 (23.8–28.3)0.617
P-Folate (nmol/l)†2218.1 (6.2–10.3)4327.8 (5.8–11.1)0.704
P-Homocysteine (μmol/l)†22611.7 (10.0–13.8)43611.4 (9.6–13.8)0.312
Current smoker (%)21838 (17.4)42490 (21.2)0.254
Tumour site (%)
    Right colon7231.9
    Left colon7031.0
Dukes’ stage‡ (%)