Table 2

 Probiotic pretreatment prevents bacterial translocation to mesenteric lymph nodes in rats subjected to water avoidance stress

GroupNo of rats affected/ total no of rats in groupNo of CFU/MLN of rats (median (range))
Rats from both basal (control) and probiotic groups were subjected to water avoidance stress (WAS) or sham stress for 10 days, for one hour/day. Homogenates of mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN) from the ileocaecal and left colonic regions of each rat were cultured and incubated for up to three days at 37°C. Bacterial translocation data are represented as median (range) of the total CFU (both aerobic and anaerobic) cultured from MLN of each rat after 48 hours of incubation on blood agar plates.
*p<0.05 compared with controls; †p<0.05 compared with WAS.
WAS4/61381 (360–2012)*