Table 2

 Univariate analysis of factors associated with metronidazole resistance among paediatric patients not previously treated for Helicobacter pylori infection (n = 831)

FactorsDescriptionMetronidazoleOR95% CIp Value
susceptible n = 635Resistant n = 196
CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.
p Value obtained by a univariate logistic model.
Female3521050.93(0.67 to 1.28)0.647
Age (years)<690241
6–11280871.17(0.70 to 1.94)0.557
>11265851.20(0.72 to 2.01)0.480
Country of birthWestern Europe4571171
Eastern Europe98291.16(0.73 to 1.83)0.538
Asia, Africa, America and Middle East80502.44(1.62 to 3.67)<10−3
Mother’s country of birthWestern Europe281721
Eastern Europe111331.16(0.73 to 1.85)0.533
Asia, Africa, America and Middle East243911.46(1.03 to 2.08)0.035
Country of residenceNorthern Europe2371
Southern Europe143410.94(0.38 to 2.35)0.898
Eastern Europe64201.03(0.38 to 2.75)0.958
Western Europe4051281.04(0.44 to 2.48)0.932
Date of investigation1999176551
2000157531.08(0.70 to 1.67)0.728
2001167440.84(0.54 to 1.32)0.457
2002135441.04(0.66 to 1.64)0.856
Peptic ulcerNo5961851
Yes39110.91(0.46 to 1.81)0.785