Table 3

 Final logistic regression model for metronidazole resistance among patients not previously treated for Helicobacter pylori infection and no missing data for all of the factors considered in the univariate analysis (n = 831)

Unadjusted ORAdjusted OR95% CIp Value
Sex (women v men)0.930.92(0.66 to 1.28)0.620
Age (v <6 years)
    6–111.171.09(0.65 to 1.83)0.739
    >111.201.09(0.64 to 1.85)0.751
Country of birth (v Western Europe)
    Eastern Europe1.161.15(0.72 to 1.84)0.557
    Asia, Africa, America and Middle East2.442.42(1.61 to 3.66)<10−3