Table 1

 Biopsy results from six patients attending genitourinary medicine clinics in the UK

Biopsy NoSite of biopsyC trachomatis resultC trachomatis genotyping resultLGV specific real time resultSymptomsHistological findings
1RectumPositiveNot LGV associatedNot availableProctitis, fibrotic stricture of rectumChronic inflammation, ulceration of mucosa
2RectumNegativeNegativeProctitis, bloody diarrhoea, weight loss,Severe inflammation, goblet cell depletion, distortion crypt architecture
3, 4Lymph nodes of left groinPositiveL2 (LGV associated)PositiveInguinal lymphadenopathyLymph node necrosis, inflammatory infiltrate
5RectumPositiveNot amplifiedPositiveColo-proctitisInflammatory infiltrate with early abscess formation
6Left inguinal lymph nodeNegativeNegativeInguinal lymphadenopathyPerivascular inflammation
7Right groinPositiveNot LGV associatedNot availableInguinal lymphadenopathySuppurative granuloma reaction