Table 3

 Relationship between the presence of steatosis and histological grade and stage of chronic hepatitis C

Author, yearPatients (n)Histology
Inflammation (p)Fibrosis (p)
ND, not done.
Mihm 19971085Yes (ND)Yes (ND)
Czaja 19981160No (ND)No (ND)
Hourigan 199912148Yes (ND)Yes (<0.03)
Rubbia-Brandt 20001370Yes (<0.001)Yes (0.02)
Adinolfi 200114180Yes (<0.007)Yes (<0.001)
Serfaty 200115100No (ND)Yes (0.008)
Monto 200216297No (0.52)No (0.26)
Westin 20021798Yes (ND)Yes (ND)
Hui 200218124No (ND)No (ND)
Castera 20031996No (ND)Yes (0.03)
Poynard 2003201428No (0.09)Yes (0.007)
Asselah 200321290Yes (<0.001)No (0.35)
Rubbia-Brandt 200422755No (ND)Yes (<0.001, only in genotype 3)
Patton 200423574No (ND)Yes (<0.01, only in genotype 1)