Table 4

 Biochemical data at diagnosis of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), at referral to the Royal Free Hospital, and at the last follow up, in 43 patients with PBC-systemic sclerosis (PBC-SSc), and 82 with PBC alone matched by serum bilirubin at referral to the Royal Free Hospital

At diagnosisAt referral to Royal Free HospitalAt last follow up*
Values are median (range).
*Values at the last follow up for patients alive, last values before transplantation for transplanted patients, and last values before death for patients who died.
†Bilirubin values used for matching the cohort of patients with PBC alone.
‡Two sample t test with equal variances was done using log transformed values for comparison of the two cohorts. No significant differences were observed.
Bilirubin (μmol/l)‡
PBC-SSc17 (4–109)13 (4–174)†15.5 (5–590)
PBC12 (2–120)13 (3–112)28 (5–438)
Albumin (g/l)‡
PBC-SSc40.5 (29–49)41.5 (27–47)38.5 (27–47)
PBC41 (31–48)42 (27–49)40 (20–49)
Alkaline phosphatase (U/l)‡
PBC-SSc334 (74–1038)291 (94–2090)247 (83–1694)
PBC403 (89–2300)282 (82–1039)249 (66–1009)