Table 1

 Crohn’s disease activity index (CDAI) in CD subjects inoculated with infective larvae (L3i). Subsequently, the five CD subjects first inoculated were reinoculated from week 27 to week 30 and four CD subjects with chronic and mostly active disease were inoculated with larvae sourced from one of the authors

ID, age (y), sexInitial inoculation trialReinoculation trial
Time (weeks)Time (weeks)
L3i, n 3rd stage N americanus larvae inoculated percutaneously; P, prednisone n mg/day; A, azathioprine n mg/day; M, methotrexate n mg/week.
CD1 55 M
    Inoculum therapy25 L3i25 L3i
CD2 46 M
    Inoculum therapy25 L3i25 L3i
CD3 41 F
    Inoculum therapy25 L3i P5 M15P5 M15P5 M7.525 L3i P5 M10P5 M10P5 M10M10M10
CD4 34 M
    Inoculum therapy50 L3i P38 M30P38 M30P50 M30P25 M30P5 M3050 L3i P5 M20P2.5 M20M20P25 M30P20 M30
CD5 21 F
    Inoculum therapy50 L3i P10 M20P10 M20P13 M20P10P7.5P525 L3i P5P25 M20P15 M20P10 M20
CD6 33 F
    Inoculum therapy50 L3i P15 M20P10 M20P5 M20P5 M20P7.5 M20
CD7 33 M
    Inoculum therapy50 L3i A150P25 A150P5 A150P5 A150P8 A150
CD8 46 M
    Inoculum therapy50 L3i M20M20M20M20M20
CD9 44 F
    Inoculum therapy100 L3i P5 M20P10 M20P5 M20P5 M20P10 M20