Table 4

 Number of patients with positive polymerase chain reaction for anaerobic bacterial groups or species in biopsies from ileum, caecum and rectum

C, caecum, CD, Crohn’s disease; I, ileum, IC, indeterminate colitis; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; R, rectum; UC, ulcerative colitis.
Data are expressed as the number of patients with positive PCR for each target bacterium to the total number of patients in each group.
Total patients (n)8661210107664441255
Bifidobacterium spp853866754344942
    B adolescentis200333100000000
    B longum322333211100322
Prevotella spp200113114000400
Clostridium coccoides group86610897664421255
    C clostriiforme7447666543221143
Bacteroides fragilis group722977433333811
    B thetaiotaomicron412134222100712
    B distasonis101000200000301
    B vulgatus7663333220001255
    E biforme000100000000100
    F prausnitzii344756544242944
    P productus6457656552221144
    L acidophilus000000111000000