Table 4

 Diagnostic accuracy of liver stiffness for complications of cirrhosis (144 patients with F3F4 fibrosis)

AUROC (95% CI)Cut off (kPa)PPVNPVSensitivitySpecificity
AUROC, area under the ROC curve; CI, confidence interval; PPV, positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value.
*F3 patients were classified as Child-Pugh A.
Oesophageal varices stage 2 or 30.73 (0.60–0.82)27.545908853
Child-Pugh A v Child-Pugh BC*0.90 (0.82–0.93)37.548957982
Past history of ascites0.89 (0.81–0.94)49.143956787
Hepatocellular carcinoma0.71 (0.58–0.81)53.730903787
Past history of variceal bleeding0.88 (0.77–0.94)62.747955793