Table 1

 Patient characteristics

CharacteristicsnAge (years)
BLC, bladder cancer; CRC, colorectal cancer; DC, duodenal cancer; EC, endometrial cancer; HNPCC, hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer; OC, ovarian cancer; PC, pancreatic cancer; RPC, renal pelvic cancer; STC, stomach cancer; UC, ureteric cancer.
Total number281
Mean age (years) at diagnosis of first cancer (SD, range)45 (11), 13–77
    Men12846 (10), 19–75
    Women15345 (11), 13–77
    Patients referred to the study21246 (10), 20–77
    Patients referred to the clinical geneticist6942 (11, 13–71
Patients with colorectal cancer at <50 years224
Patients with two HNPCC-associated cancers, including at least one CRC79
First cancer at <60 years252
One CRC202
Two cancers60
    CRC 2×34
Three cancers13
    CRC 3×7
    CRC 2×/STC3
    CRC 2×/EC2
    CRC 2×/BLC1
Four cancers4
    CRC 4×1
    CRC 3×/OC1
    CRC 3×/EC1
    CRC 2×/EC/BLC1
Eight cancers2
    CRC 3×/EC/OC/UC 2×/RPC1
    CRC 6×/EC/UC1