Table 3

 Clinical characteristics of each of the nine Crohn’s disease (CD) patients treated with Infliximab who developed neoplasia during follow up

Pt NoSexCD siteCD typeCD duration (y)Type of neoplasiaAge at neoplasia diagnosis (outcome)ISS (months)No of infusions (schedule)Time since IFX (months)Time since ISS (months)
ISS, immunosuppressants; IFX, Infliximab; F, female; M, male; I, ileum; C, colon; I-C, ileum-colon; C, colon; L, luminal; F, fistulising; AZA, azathioprine; Thalid, thalidomide; MTX, methotrexate; ND, not done.
1MI-CF23Cholangiocarcinoma48 DeceasedAZA (5)3 acute65
2FI-CL23Anal carcinoma70 DeceasedThalid (4)9 on demand4596
3FI-CF24Anal carcinoma41 DeceasedND2 on demand6ND
4FCL39Breast cancer50 RemissionMTX (36)6 on demand2436
5FIL39Breast cancer60 RemissionND4 on demand15ND
6FI-CF6Breast cancer40 RemissionAZA (52)6 maintenance3352
7FCL13Leukaemia45 Lost to follow upAZA (24)4 maintenance12144
8MIL18Basalioma61 RemissionAZA (36)11 maintenance1824
9FI-CF5Laryngeal carcinoma53 RemissionAZA (48)2 on demand3840