Table 4

 Characteristics of each of the seven Crohn’s disease control patients who never received Infliximab, who developed neoplasia during follow up

Pt NoSexCD siteCD typeCD duration (y)Type of neoplasiaAge at diagnosis of neoplasia (outcome)ISS (months)Time since ISS
ISS, immunosuppressants; F, female; M, male; I, ileum; C, colon; I-C, ileum-colon; L, luminal; F, fistulising; AZA, azathioprine; ND, not done.
1MI-CL27Adenocarcinoma caecum61 RemissionNDND
2FCL1Adenocarcinoma caecum27 RemissionNDND
3FI-CF7Adenocarcinoma rectum45 RemissionNDND
4MIF22Spinalioma33 RemissionAZA (46)46
5FI-CL12Basalioma58 RemissionAZA (24)24
6FI-CF13Breast cancer72 RemissionNDND
7FI-CF12Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma36 RemissionAZA (48)120