Table 1

 Characteristics of the 255 patients at the initial endoscopic treatment and multivariate analysis* as predictors for subsequent gastric cancer

CharacteristicHazard ratio95% CIp Value§
*The Cox proportional hazard model was used.
†Carcinoma was taken as the representative histology of the case when the patient had multiple neoplasias of both carcinoma and adenoma.
‡Increment of 10 years.
§p values were calculated using the Wald test.
No of patients255
Male sex183 (71.8%)1.110.52–2.390.79
Age (years) (mean (SD))67.9 (9.2)1.54‡1.07–2.210.02
Synchronous multiplicity
    Solitary236 (92.5%)
    Multiple19 (7.5%)4.101.92–8.79<0.01
        Adenoma and carcinoma8
Surveillance period (months) (mean (SD))51.6 (34.9)